Building Contractors Hired

Looking at Sanctuary 2.jpg

The Building Committee is excited to announce that 2 contractors have been hired for the upcoming construction. 

Fransen-Pittman brings a high level of experience to the project, having built hospitals, schools, and libraries, in addition to churches.  They will be responsible for building the new church hall and parish offices, as well as the renovations to the Sanctuary, foyer, and church basement.

Coe Construction is a respected leader in the industry with experience building apartments, hotels, offices, restaurants, and more.  Some of our parishioners are employed at Coe and their expertise has been very valuable in the campaign. They have been hired to build the new rectory.

Right now, we are on pace to start construction in May or June of 2020 and complete the project in February 2021. 

Thank you very much for your commitment to making St. John’s a welcoming and lasting home for Catholics in Loveland!

Archdiocese Approved Financing

The Building Committee meets with the architect.

The Building Committee meets with the architect.

(updated May 31, 2019)

· The Archdiocese has approved financing.

· The Building Committee is prioritizing projects and will be meeting with the architect to discuss actual design drawings.

· We are preparing to solicit pre-construction bids from contractors.

· We hope to begin construction in late spring/early summer of 2020.

Pledges, Meetings, and Mailings

(updated May 17, 2019)

·      Mailing: There will be one more pledge mailing going out the week of May 19.  If you haven’t pledged yet, your support would be greatly appreciated.

·      Meetings: We will be meeting with the Archdiocese to get the necessary approvals as we move toward construction. 

·      Pledge Envelopes: If you use offering envelopes and made a pledge, you will receive pledge envelopes with your offering envelopes starting in June.  You can also use the blue envelopes in the pews; please write your name on them so that the church can keep track of your pledge.

·      Enroll in Faith Direct: Rather than juggling envelopes, you can easily set-up automatic giving in Faith Direct.  Login to your Faith Direct account or click “Donate with Faith Direct” below. Thank you for your gifts!