Saint John Parish Library


Saint John operates a parish library of books, videos, DVDs and audio cassettes that may be checked out without charge. Presently, the library has an inventory of over 1200 items. Books are checked out for a period of four weeks; other mediums for two weeks.

Hours of Operation

The library is open from October through June on Saturdays and Sundays as follows:

Saturday: 3:45 pm to 4:20 pm

Sunday: 8:00 am to 10:50 am
4:30 pm to 5:00 pm
before and after the Spanish Mass at 1:00 pm

From July through September, the library is open only on Sundays as indicated above.


To fund new acquisitions and increase library holdings, cash donations are accepted as well as book and video donations that are suitable for a Catholic library. To supplement funding, the library also has an ongoing book sale. New books as well as duplicate copies of donated books are sold.

For More Information

For more information about the library, contact Gladys Lieskovsky at (970) 667-9720 or Gerry Hauber at (970) 669-8444.

Library Catalog

Book Title Author First Name Author Last Name Category
Blessed Daniel Comboni: Remembering the Future The Comboni Institutes Biographies
Story of Victory Noll, The Elizabeth A. Clifford Biographies
Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret St. Anthony Mary Claret Biographies
Apostle for Our Times: Pope Paul VI John Gregory Clancy Biographies
With God in Russia Walter J. Ciszek Biographies
He Leadeth Me Fr. Walter S.J. Ciszek Biographies
John Paul II - The Epic Life of a Pilgrim Pope Chicago Tribune Biographies
Be Not Afraid - Epic Papacy of JP II (CDROM) Chicago Tribune Biographies
Autobiography of G.K. Chesterton, The G.K. Chesterton Biographies
Pope John Paul II Builder of Bridges (Video) CBS News Biographies
Meet Edith Stein Cynthia Cavnar Biographies
Collection of Stories Catholic Family Book Club Biographies
Padre Pio The Stigmatist Fr. C. Carty Biographies
Blackrobe for the Yankton Sioux: Fr. Sylvester Eisenman, O.S.B. Mary E. Carson Biographies
Isabel of Spain: The Catholic Queen Warren H. Carroll Biographies
No Turning Back - A Witness to Mercy Donald H. Calloway Biographies
John Paul II Adam Bujak Biographies
Nearer, My God Wm. F. Jr. Buckley Biographies
Dreams, Visions & Prophecies of Don Bosco Rev. Eugene M. Brown Biographies
Parish Priest - Father Michael McGivney Douglas and Fenster Brinkley Biographies
Francis The Journey and the Dream Murray Bodo Biographies
Clare - A Light in the Green Murray Bodo Biographies
Pere Lamy Comte Paul Biver Biographies
On Fire with the Spirit - My Personal Story Fr. J. Bertolucci Biographies
His Holiness - John Paul II and the Hidden History Carlo & Politi Bernstein Biographies
Holy Women Pope Benedict XVI Biographies
Rich Young Man, A John Beahn Biographies
Born for Friendship Bernard Basset Biographies
John Paul II Portrait of Pontiff Barnes & Noble Biographies
Shepherd of Mankind - Biography of Pope Paul VI William E. Barrett Biographies
Confessions, The St. Augustine (Maria Boulding, tr.) Saint Augustine Biographies
Mother Angelica Raymond Arroyo Biographies
Man of Faith, A Jeanne Gosselin Arnold Biographies
Man of Faith, A Jeanne Gosselin Arnold Biographies
Francis and Clare: The Complete Works Armstrong & Brady Biographies
God's Invisible Hand Francis Cardinal Arinze Biographies
Charles de Foucald (Charles of Jesus) Jean-Jacques Antier Biographies
Joan of Arc (DVD) Alliance Films Biographies
Joan of Arc (VHS) Alliance Films Biographies
Padre Pio - Man of Hope Renzo Allegri Biographies
Letters of St. Margarete Mary Alacoque, The Apostle of the Sacred Heart Margaret M. St. Alacoque Biographies
Story of the Twelve Apostles, The (DVD) Gateway Films Biographies
Molokai - The Story of Father Damien (DVD) Gateway Films Biographies
Joseph the Silent Michel O.P. Gasnier Biographies
Francis Book, The (800 Years with the Saint from Assisi Michael Gasnick Biographies
Mary MacKillop - An Extraordinary Australian Paul S.J. Gardiner Biographies
Cardinal Spellman Story, The Michael Gannon Biographies
Light Wind and Water (Life & Spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort, The) J. Patrick Gaffney Biographies
Be Not Afraid (Pope John Paul II) Pope John Paul II Biographies
They Bore The Wounds of Christ Michael Freze Biographies
Man of Beatitudes, A Luciana Frassati Biographies
Right to Be Merry, A Mother Mary Francis Biographies
Story of Ruth, The (DVD) Twentieth Century Fox Biographies
Song of Bernadette. The (1943 B&W) (DVD) Twentieth Century Fox Biographies
Mother Teresa (DVD) Twentieth Century Fox Biographies
Francis of Assisi (DVD) Twentieth Century Fox Biographies
Greek Fathers, The Adrian Fortescue Biographies
Bridge at Lo Wu, The: A Life of Sister Eamonn O'Sullivan Desmond Forristal Biographies
Enduring Grace Carol Lee Flinders Biographies
Journey to America, The (Pope John Paul II) (Video) EWTN Television Biographies
Paul the Apostle (DVD) GoodTimes Entertainment Biographies
Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The (Copy 2) St. Anne Catherine Emmerich Biographies
I Will Be Called John Lawrence Elliott Biographies
I Will Be Called JOHN (Bio-Pope John XXIII) Lawrence Elliot Biographies
Tilted Haloes Robert Eimer Biographies
Mother Teresa - Her People and Her Work Desmond Doig Biographies
Soul of Elizabeth Seton, The (A Spiritual Portrait) Fr. Joseph I. Dirvin Biographies
Mrs. Seton Fr. Joseph I. Dirvin Biographies
Catherine laboure, Saint of the Miraculous Fr. Joseph I. Dirvin Biographies
Man Beneath the Gift, The (Biography) Fr. Ralph DiOrio Biographies
Homage to Padre Pio Pedro Di Flumari Biographies
Blessed James Salomoni Cecelia Desmond Biographies
Porter of St. Bonaventure's (Fr. Casey), The James Patrick Derum Biographies
Thy Will Be Done Francis de Sales Biographies
Value of Helping, The: Harriet Tubman Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Giving, The: Beethoven Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Friendship, The: Jane Addams Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Foresight, The: Thomas Jefferson Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Fantasy, The: Hans Christian Andersen Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Fairness, The: Nellie Bly Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Facing A Challenge, The: Terry Fox Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Determination, The: Helen Keller Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Dedication, The: Albert Schweitzer Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Curiosity, The: Christopher Columbus Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Creativity, The: Thomas Edison Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Courage, The: Jackie Robinson Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Compassion, The: Florence Nightingale Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Caring, The: Eleanor Roosevelt Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Boldness, The: Captain Cook Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Believing in Yourself, The: Louis Pasteur Spencer Johnson Biographies
Value of Adventure, The: Sacagawea Spencer Johnson Biographies
Miryam of Jerusalem Vernon Johnson Biographies
Ascent of the Mount: the Life & Works of St. John of the Cross (Video) St. John of the Cross Biographies
Pope John Paul II (DVD) Ignatius Press Biographies
Long Loneliness, The Autobiography-Dorothy Day Dorothy Day Biographies
Pius XI Pope of the People Edward Vincent Dailey Biographies
Cardinal Cushing of Boston John Henry Cutler Biographies
John Neumann, Bishop, C.S.S.R. - A Biography Rev. Michael J. Curley Biographies
Brother Francis Lawrence (edited by) Cunningham Biographies
Incorruptibles, The Joan C. Cruz Biographies